Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Where's my baking mojo gone?

I decided that today would be a good day for baking.  The Eldest was as school and the Youngest went off with his Grandpa.  Yes, school is still in, today is the last day though.  So, using a recipe that I got from here, I started making my nut rolls.  Well. 

Somehow, I looked at my recipe card all wrong and got my sugar quantities backwards with the bulk of it going in the dough.  Guess what?  My dough didn't rise.  All those ingredients (4 cups of flour, 1 cup milk, 1/2 pound of butter, 2.25 tsp yeast), wasted, at least on this recipe.

I have now started over and am waiting for the dough to rise, again.  I feel like such a dumba$$ right now. 

Hopefully, the first batch that went wrong won't be a total waste.  I'm going to roll it out and make some cookies from it.  If it goes wrong there too, at least I will have tried to save the ingredients.

On the good side, I did not royally screw up the 7 cups of pecans that I've substituted for the walnuts that the recipe called for.  At least I woke the hell up and stopped and re-read the recipe before doing that.  Thank God for small favors!

I'm planning on having these Nut Rolls on Christmas morning.  Something really easy and already made so that we don't have to deal with making breakfast that day.  Our Christmas mornings are chaotic enough all ready, what with the two boys and a bazillion toys and wrapping paper and cats and dogs everywhere. 

Wish me luck that I can actually succeed in making these, will ya?