Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Not Fair!

 was wakened most cruelly this morning.

There I was, dressed in a glamorous empire waisted gown of gold, my long silky hair all wavy down my back and long cream colored gloves covered my arms to just above the elbow.  It was just him and me in this large room.  He had just walked in and stood looking breathlessly at my beauty.  He, (Tom Selleck) was just about to ask me to dance when suddenly, there was a little boy's piercingly high pitched voice yelling right outside my door that tore me right out of that wonderful dream.   Not fair, not fair, not fair...

Wouldn't you just know it?  Of course, having Tom Selleck as the leading man in the dream might just be showing my age, but who cares?  It was Tom and it was about to get good.  Darn it.

The cruel little boy and I just finished rolling out yesterday's failed nut roll dough (the second batch of the nut rolls turned out fantastic) and made cookies with it.

They're actually not bad.  Maybe my baking mojo hasn't left me completely.  I made an icing from orange juice and powdered sugar and coated the cookies.  Once they are dry, I'm going to get out the food color markers and let the kids color them, probably some time this evening.

This will be the last of the cookie baking that is to be done for this Christmas season.   Tomorrow I'll be cooking a Pork loin and making some Creamed Spinach for my part of the Christmas Eve dinner we'll be having with my In-Laws.

This is the last post until after Christmas.  I'll be out of town for about a week or so, enjoying the Holidays and spending time with family.

Have a Very Merry Christmas!