Thursday, November 05, 2009

Nano News

Welcome DragonMount readers!  It's nice to have you visit.  For those that don't know, DragonMount is the official site for Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series.  My book review has been linked to the site and I'm just tickled about it.

In Nanowrimo news:
  • I'm still chugging along and gradually making up the deficit in my word count. 
  • I wrote myself into a wall with my story, mainly because of some of my secondary characters that need to be more prominent.
  • I need help with dialogue.  Seriously, that is not my forte.  I can be descriptive, have great action scenes, but my characters are having a difficult time talking to each other.  I can only hope it gets better as I go along.
I've been using Google Docs to write my story, mainly because I can access it anywhere and because it has a word count.  The word count tool is nice, but I really wish they'd take the stupid readability index off of it.  I realize that this is a first draft and that it will need a crap load of revision, but how depressing is it when you've written something and then check your word count and find that the readability is around the fifth grade level, that the average eleven year old would be able to read it just fine?  

I did get all down about it.  I'm college educated, I should be writing better than this!  What a stupid thing to get all hung up on.  When this happened was around the time that I had written myself into a wall yesterday and that didn't help my sense of humor either.  I took a couple of hours to think about things and then tackled it again.  Story got back on pace and grade level went up.  Much better.

How's everybody else doing on their Nano novel?