Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Technology Hates Me

Don't you just hate it when technology works against you?  Isn't technology supposed to make your life just a little bit easier?

Not for me, not today.

I tried to post some stuff on Craigslist on the barter page today.  I had to write that post three times (and it was long) before it finally got published. Three freakin' times it disappeared into Never, Never Land!  Or, as the Youngest says it, "It Distappeared". 

Then,  trying to photograph some stitch markers that I'm trying to put up in my Etsy store, I took one pic and then the camera battery died.  So I guess I'll be posting more tomorrow.

Next was Google Reader not wanting to work with Firefox for some ungodly reason. 

Don't  forget the birthday party invites that I purchased online and printed myself.  Two of the numbers in my zip code were omitted and I didn't notice until after they were printed out.   Hello Mr. Sharpie!

I mean, really people, aren't computers and cameras and the interwebs supposed to help us?  Well it's just not working out for me today.  Errrgh.