Thursday, August 06, 2009

Dark Green Sweater and Computer Woes

At last, at last, I'm free at last. The computer transfers are complete. All did not go well though. I did lose one thing - my blog reading list! I think I need to change blog readers so that this won't happen again. This is the second time this has happened, except this time there was so much more to lose!

If I usually come by your site and don't in the next couple of weeks, do please send me a quick shout out. I lost most of the sites that I frequent. I'm so bummed by this. It's like losing all your friends at once. I remember some of the site names, just not all. I believe I have recovered most of them, but I'm betting there are one or three that I've missed getting back.

Oh, and if you have a blog that you'd like me to visit, leave me a comment as well. I'm always looking for new places to lurk look at!

On to the good news - I finally have a pic to show you of the Dark Green Day Sweater:

I'm so in love with this sweater! This was the most fun knitting project that I have ever undertaken, and I'm not saying that lightly. I never once grew tired of it or bored in any way. It fairly flew off the needles. I can't recommend this sweater vest enough. I'm definitely going to make more of the designer's patterns.

I also had a great bit of luck on Craigslist this morning. Since I have a spare computer sitting around, I decided that it needed some place to sit, a desk perhaps? Check out what I got for a mere fifteen dollars:
It's in pristine condition, practically brand new and fits perfectly in the one spot that I had for it. Which, by the way, is not where you see it pictured. This was before it went upstairs to it's new home. I also found in my garage a great bench for it. The bench needs to be painted and re-upholstered, but it is perfect for this desk.