Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Roman Shade Inflamed

A while back we moved the boys into the same bedroom and turned the spare bedroom into a gigantic playroom. The decor in their shared bedroom was still coyboy nursery themed and the Eldest hasn't been very happy with it. Now that the Youngest is three and a half and into Hotwheels as much as his brother, we decided to make that the theme of their room.

We started by decorating the walls with vinyl decals of cars. There were four cars to the pack (can be found at Joann's), but they didn't originally come with flames as seen below. The flames came with a gigantic tire decal. I decided that there were already more than enough flames with the tire and moved some flames to come out the pipes in the back of each car. I placed all of the decals strategically around the room just for fun.

Another problem that had to be overcome were the windows. They had blinds on them, but the Youngest spent the better part of his naptime one afternoon destroying them. It was far to late by the time I realized he was doing this for me to save them.

I really want to make roman shades for the kitchen, but wanted to practice first before I tackled making them out of expensive fabrics. So I found a wonderful roman shade tutorial online and got to it. This was the result:

Please be aware that the children picked out the fabric for the curtains for their room, not me. :)

I just noticed that the top right of the right hand shade got loose when we put the screws into the molding of the window. I'll fix that as soon as the Youngest gets up from his nap today. But besides that, didn't they turn out cute? In a very rugged boyish way of course. All in all, I'm pretty proud of this sewing project.

If you'll notice, I left a curtain rod up over the windows. These did hold a bandana valance at one time. I'm planning on suspending a bunch of hotwheels cars on the rod with varying lengths of ribbon or yarn or something. If it turns out well, you'll get to see a pic of that later also.

See ya tomorrow!