Tuesday, April 21, 2009

You're gonna love this one

You are not going to believe what happened to me today.

I started a kitchen renovation project last year. It is still happening, albeit slowly. I tore off two layers of wallpaper and have put primer over the third layer of wallpaper. I left that layer on because the idiots that built this house didn't put prime on the walls before applying the wallpaper. If I tried to take that layer off, it would make a huge mess of the sheetrock.

So I have one coat of primer on the walls. I decided that I would paint the ceiling before adding another coat of primer to the walls.

Here's where things began to go wrong. I made the major mistake of listening to the hubby. His father had given him some "so-called" ceiling paint. "Here, have some ceiling paint." The hubby didn't question any of this, just told me "Here, use this for the ceiling."

So I opened it. I told him over the phone, "It's pink. The same color ice pink that's on your mother's front bedroom walls."

What he said: "It's supposed to be colored like that. It's one of those that will fade to white as it dries so that you'll know if you've missed any spots on the ceiling."

Okay. Believed him. Very stupid mistake on my part. Spent about an hour painting the ceiling during the Youngest's naptime.

Guess what? It's dry now and my kitchen ceiling is now a very pretty ice pink. My Mom, Dad and best friend think this is, of course, hilarious. If I don't have a hubby and father in law by tomorrow, you'll know that I've killed them.

I've already told the hubby he will be painting the ceiling tonight. Know what I told him? "When the paint dries, if you see any pink, you'll know you've missed a spot."