Thursday, April 23, 2009

Today was mine for the victory, finally

There are some days that you can't win with children, but on other days, triumph worms it's way through.

Most days around here, if the kids are in another room together, all I hear are fights, screams, crying or all of the above. They don't get along most of the time. When the Youngest came about, the Eldest was uber-jealous and has continued his resentment to this day. He ignores the Youngest, which just makes the little guy turn to trying to get negative attention by hitting or throwing something at the elder sibling. I can't tell you how much fun this is to live with. Why did I want children? What was I thinking? I mean really now.

Today though. I got them both and it was quite satisfying. Did I yell? Knock some heads together? Swat them on the backside? Oh no.

They were supposed to be watching Transformers (cartoon, not movie) together. Both were on the couch. Eldest, determined to ignore Youngest. Youngest, determined to get attention from Eldest. Normal stuff. I heard yelling and complaining. Turns out the little guy decided to try and sit on the older, or push him off the couch, or something along those lines.

I jumped up, started yelling and then stopped abruptly. I had a much better idea. I sat/laid down on them both on the couch. You should have seen those two faces. It was absolutely priceless. Shock and delight at the same time! It turned into a giant tickle fest, with me as the tickler.

I haven't heard one fight since then.

Sometimes it's good to win one.