Thursday, January 29, 2009

Over Ambitiousness

After making the Soon to be Lost toddler mittens, I got all excited about making up another set of mittens. I knew that I wanted them to be fingerless and I wanted them for me. So out came some scrap yarn and needles and I began to play.

I can now with confidence say that I am amazed by the designers out there. Some of them just whip up a pattern and say "ta-da!" Um, I'm not one of them.

I got all over-ambitious. I wanted baby cables and I wanted eyelets and I wanted them to spiral and I wanted it now and for it to be all perfect.

You wouldn't believe how many times I've ripped these things back out. I threw out the spiral idea, but kept the others. The mitts have gone through many shapes and phases. I just haven't been real happy with what I've come up with.

This is the current look, but again, I will probably rip this too since I'm not real thrilled by them. I don't like how the eyelets are sitting right next to the cable. It makes the cables look like I made huge mistakes.

But that's okay. I'm considering this a learning process. I just keep repeating to myself, "baby steps, baby steps". There's not one designer out there that didn't start with baby steps. Unless they're super mega talented prodigies of course. I don't think I can be classified in that category.

So that's what I've been doing. Ripping back everything I've touched in the past couple of days. :sigh:

When and if I ever get these done, I'll write them up and put them up for everyone. But I need to warn you, the finished product may not even resemble the ones before you!