Wednesday, January 28, 2009

No Sew Dorsal Fin Tutorial - Image heavy

I apologize to those who are looking for knitting or spinning. I'm afraid this post is going to be geared towards costuming. Specifically, making a shark dorsal fin. Obscure huh?

I directed a children's play last night. The kids were fantastic in it. Five of the characters were sharks. We decided to put the kids in gray or blue sweats for the body and add a dorsal fin. One of the kids put teeth and eyes on the hoodie and it was way too cute.

I decided that I would share my method of making a no-sew dorsal fin in case someone else in this wide world needed to make one for a stage play or just for a Halloween costume. So here goes: (click any of the pics for better viewing of the directions)

12 x 18 in. stiff felt

Fold like a book

Staple top of bookKeep it opened


Double this amount

Basically, it's worn like a back pack.

Yes, there are tons of staples. This was done for the stage where the staples could not be seen from the audience, so it didn't need to be clean, just quick and dirty. You may want to do this with hot glue for a cleaner look.

Sorry this is so image heavy, but I hope it helps someone, somewhere!