Monday, December 29, 2008

Santa was good to me!

Santa was very good to me this year. Was he good to you? I got a cool new camera that looks just like this:
But! Over the holidays, while Santa was being good to me, I discovered that my Mother is a truly evil woman.

Over the Thanksgiving holidays, I told her that I wanted her help to make a duct tape dress form. She went through with it and it took us over two hours to make the damn thing with me barely breathing in it and not able to sit down at all and at the end, having to be cut out of it by my hubby cause she couldn't do it herself.

Why was that so evil? Because she had this hidden in her closet just waiting to give it to me for Christmas!A vintage/antique adjustable dress form! Two hours of torture when she could have said she had a headache or a toothache or needed to wash her ping pong balls or some other white lie that would have worked just fine. And yes, just to let you know, she'll be reading this little diatribe and it'll be good for her too.

Oh well, it was still fun to make the dress form out of duct tape. And how cool is this new/old dress form? Took me forever to get it set to my measurements. I haven't done the height just yet, but that's okay, the Youngest likes it set to his height. He's been talking to it since it came home.

We've named her Endora after the Mom in the old TV show Bewitched. She now reigns supreme in the corner of the dining room/office/craftroom.