Monday, December 01, 2008

The Holidays

Thanksgiving at the lake was fabulous. I've got all sorts of things to share with you this week because of my trip. We had a typical extended family reunion type get together at the lake. There was family, food, police activity, you know, the usual stuff that holidays are made of. And no, I won't explain about the police activity, you'll just have to wonder.

But, before I left for the holiday, I got another case of start-itis. This, in turn, caused me to pick up some Noro out of the stash and sling it on the needles. So, I now have an in-progress Booga Bag:

I've modified it somewhat. I want a bag that's a bit bigger than the pattern calls for, so I cast on 50 stitches instead of the recommended 34. This picture was taken in poor lighting and wrong side out and just does not do it justice. The colors are fantastic. When it's closer to finished I'll get a better pic for you.

When we got to my folks' place, my mucho talented Mom had this to show me:

This is an incredibly soft black stole that she purchased and then needle felted the design on. It's not completely finished, but it's close. This is such an elegant stole and would look incredible with evening wear. She took a stencil that she found from JoAnn Fabrics and marked the design on the fabric. Then she laid down wool yarn on the design and needle felted it into the stole. So simple!

When I got back, this was at my door:

Three pounds of Corriedale fleece (still in the grease.) It's very smelly and needs lots of washes, but is very nice. What makes it even nicer is that it came free from Colorado! All I had to pay was shipping. Can you believe it?

More about the holiday to come!