Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Check this new toy out.

Look what followed me home from an antique store on Saturday:

The tag said "String Holder". I have no idea what the official name is for one of these, so if anyone knows, please leave me a comment! Basically, you put the ball (small one) of yarn or string or crochet thread in the center and feed the end up through the hole in the top. It keeps the ball from rolling around the room as you knit or crochet. You could actually have several colors in it theoretically, as long as they are small.

I was so excited to find this thing. It was totally a fluke, too, as I wasn't even remotely looking for something like this. Very cool. Oh, and I got it for $19.95 too. I would have paid more for it, it's such a neat item, so I was happy to pay that price.

Please forgive the lateness of this post. We're in fully potty training mode at the House Of Shea. Over the Thanksgiving Holiday the Youngest decided he was ready and that was that. On the one hand - Woohoo! On the other - running to the potty every two seconds really sucks the big one. Pray for me, I need all the help I can get!