Friday, December 19, 2008

Elf On The Shelf!

Once upon a time, a dear friend of mine, Carol Aebersold, wrote a book. That book has now, after several year of very hard work on her part promoting it, hit the big time. I'm so proud of her and her daughter Chanda!I've been very remiss in not plugging her book to you before now. It's called Elf on the Shelf and you can find it just about everywhere now. Go check out their website,

Several years ago, before the book came out, we took a trip to NY with Carol and her hubby and she told us about the elf tradition then and how they had always done this for their three children.

The elf shows up the day after Thanksgiving and finds a spot to sit and watch how the kids behave. At the end of the day, he/she reports back to Santa. On the following day, the elf finds a different spot to sit. This continues until Christmas day when it goes back to the North Pole until the next Thanksgiving comes around.

Well, I've been doing this since that trip to NY. I found an antique elf to use at first and then switched to the new one when the book came out. It's so much fun! The kids have a fantastic time hunting for it every morning and can get quite obsessive (and competitive) about it.

It also promotes better behavior and that's always a plus in my book!

So, if you can go to Carol's website and check it out. You can also order the book from Amazon and other sites.