Thursday, November 13, 2008

Artsy-Fartsy Day!

Raise your hand if you live in Canada, China or in Antarctica and you heard me scream this afternoon. Go ahead, I'll wait. Yep, thought so.


It all started innocently enough with this:

A pale pink scarf, some foam, a pile of Cotswold Curls and a nasty piece of mischief called a felting needle.

You see, today was officially Artsy-Fartsy day at the House 'O Shea and I wanted to play around with the above tools. I had seen some of this done at SAFF and thought it would be fun to give it a try. Try to make an odd felted scarf that is.

One of the first things I managed to do was to stick one of those barbed needles almost all the way through my finger. I now have a great respect for the felting needle, let me tell you.

When you heard me scream, did you also hear me censoring myself? I had an almost three year old at my side at the time and this is the one that thinks he's part parrot. You cannot under any circumstance cuss like a sailor in front of him and expect him to go back to church on Sunday with a clean mouth. Not going to happen.

So there was lots of motherf***&^*&%&$^$^%!!! and SH*^*^T! and D^#^-IT! and so forth and so on.

Anyway, the weird scarf thing now looks like this:

Very artsy-fartsy indeed. And it looks better if you click on the pic. It's not finished. I'll add another layer and then probably wet felt it just for fun.

I have no purpose for this thing. Don't really want it. But I have to say that except for stabbing my middle finger to death and covering it up with a Sesame Street Band-aid, it was lots of fun to do.

Think maybe someone will buy the d*mned thing?