Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Tomorrow is the last day of the Contest! Thanks so much for everyone who has participated. I apologize if I have not gotten back with all of you in some form or other. I will, I'm just slow thanks to all the sickness floating around this house right now. The Eldest is beginning week four of a stomach ailment. He has lab work being done now to pinpoint what's wrong and hopefully we'll get this thing cleared up.

I cast on for the Tubey Sweater from Knitty yesterday. I had a hard time wrapping my head around the sizing directions. You measure across your back from the center of one armpit to the other with your arms forward. I got that measurement (22") and went back to look at the instructions again. I heard that this sweater runs rather large, so I'm making the XS in this one. I just couldn't figure out where that 22" measurement went.

I ended up casting on for the wrong measurement cause I misread the pattern. She has the across back measurement as 19[20, 21.5, 23, 24.5]. She also has the cast on numbers as 50[55,60,65,70]. I guess that I saw the 21.5 in the middle and thought that I should cast on 60. Duh. I was supposed to cast on 50 and then do stockinette for 21.5 (or 22 really.) So after about an inch or so I realized what i had done, ripped it all out and began again. I'm feeling rather blond right now, thank you very much.

This is where I stand as of carpool time at school this afternoon:

I'm going to do stripes similar to what she has in the picture on the pattern, but I'm going to do a coral red, turquoise blue and lime green stripes along with the basic black of the sweater. I'm currently going cross-eyed working with the black.

This is the part that goes across the back. I'll add sleeves next and will have a cute shrug when those are finished. Then all I have to do will be to add the tube part for the body. We'll see how long this project takes me. Lately, everything I touch seems to take forever.


  1. That is a cute sweater. I can't wait to see how yours works up. I'm still not brave enough or patient enough to try an adult size sweater.

  2. hmmmm, interesting!