Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Whole lotta nuthin'

I gotta whole lot of nuthin' for ya today.

I did do some spinning today, but it was in short spurts and I don't have a lot to show off.

Most of the day I've spent the day dealing with a 2 year old who refused to take a nap and is now cranky as all get out.

He also had me playing one of his favorite games. It's called "fall-ning". He grabs my hand or shirt and pulls me down onto the floor with him so that we're "Fall-ning". I'm supposed to land on top of him and squish him. That's it. Exciting huh? Yeah, I think so too. One more game of fall-ning and I just might scream.

I need a few of you to scrape together a few pennies and send them my way so that I can hire a nanny, and while we're at it, a maid. The current nanny and maid is terrible, a great Mommy who plays fall-ning, but a terrible nanny and maid.
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