Thursday, May 01, 2008

Cartoon influences

It can now be proven that the Youngest watches wayyyyyy too much Scooby Doo cartoons. He is now running around the house with his arms up in the air making a God awful noise. It took me a few times seeing him do this to figure out what the heck he was doing. He was pretending to be one of the scary bad guys. The first time it was a ghost. I know this, because he keeps saying "Ghost!" as he does it. The next time he was saying "WereWoo!" That would be Werewolf to you and me. Today while he was running with his hands in the air his word was "Muh-my" or Mummy. Sigh.

How can I ever take him to the church nursery when some of his first vocabulary words are ghost, werewolf and mummy? Not exactly what they want to hear coming out of a two year old's mouth.

But. It gets worse. Oh yes, it does. He has also been watching the old Johnny Quest cartoons. The bad guys in those are far worse than the Scooby Doo ones. In Scooby Doo, nobody gets really hurt or anything. In Johnny Quest, people are killed, although you never see it. You'd just see a ship blowing up or something. But, the bad guys go around yelling "kill them!"

So, yeah. Guess what my little guy was running around yelling? "kee-ill! kee-ill!"

If he wasn't so darn cute and funny while doing it, as a Christian mom, I'd be mortified. It's really difficult raising a parrot.


  1. thanks for the comment--but i don't sound like that!

    that's my professional speaking voice.. Imagine me in denim, and with no make up.. and hair --well as usual!
    then think of me, dressed for success. Hose, not hand knit socks.. a suit, make up the works..

    that's the difference between the real voice and what you heard!

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