Thursday, March 27, 2008

lazy day

Today's been a fairly lazy day. I did pick up a new project though. I started the Saturday Market Bag from Magknits. I'm making a few modifications to the pattern, the first of which deals with the needles since I don't have any size 15s. I'm using 11s instead. I'm also going to be making this in one long piece and folding it over instead of two pieces, there'll be less seaming that way.

I'm still trying to wait to begin the big project that I've got planned next. It deals with cables and since I'm going to be in an Annie Modesitt cables & lace class, I'm waiting to start on it. It's murder. I've had this yarn just sitting there staring at me, begging me to knit it up into something fabulous, wanting me to give in to the urge to knit. ack! But no, it's the light and airy projects for me for a couple of weeks.

Other than that, I've been dealing with a 2 year old who's either trying to get sick (his cousins were sick when they came over this past weekend) or he's dealing with allergies. My allergies are killing me already, so I wouldn't be a bit surprised if his were acting up too.

Here's a leftover Easter pick of him and his friend Roxie checking out the Easter basket:

Got some fun news for you tomorrow about my Saturday plans. See ya then!

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  1. I can totally relate to the 'sickies'...hope you and the little cutie are feeling okay. I think this pollen is gonna kick my butt too. :(