Monday, February 25, 2008

Trying my hand at designing some slippers

Check out my new Meez on the side bar- She's knitting! She's also the closest thing that I could get to what I look like. I found the link to it through Lil' Knitter. This was fun to put together and I wasted some precious time that was supposed to be used for getting ready for a children's consignment sale.

To save my sanity I put the Circular Shrug down this weekend (it's about 50% complete) and tried my hand at some designing some slippers. The first one did not come out like I wanted and so I decided not to make the second one. This one was way too fiddly and I don't like the shape. Here's a side view:

Fiddly Slipper Sock

So I'm trying again. I've got the sketch:

consisting of some loose directions culled from another pattern that had a shape similar to what I wanted and some of the modifications I want to make to it. By the time I'm finished it won't even remotely resemble the other pattern instructions. That could be good or bad, we'll see. I'm going to try again tonight when I get the kids out of my hair. I tried to fiddle with it today during my carpool waiting time, but the acrylic yarn that I'm using for my prototype turned to yarn barf and I spent the whole time untangling and making it into a ball.

And to end today's post here's something just for the sake of complete cuteness or cute completeness:

Kickin' back Youngest Style
And not to be outdone by the above pic:
The Youngest doing Balloon Yoga on a messy couch

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  1. Love that dose of cuteness. :)
    I actually like the way the slippers look...hope you don't give up on them. I would so love a new slipper pattern for gift giving and for me.
    I like that Meez. I was so shocked they included knitting. We must be getting cool.