Thursday, February 28, 2008

Slipper Design

I turned into a great big lump yesterday. One of those "24 hour" viruses caught up with me and I was running a fever in the late afternoon. I felt like 100% dog dirt.

But I'm up and back running today and feeling fine. Weird.

Slipper Design:

I have the slipper prototype mostly finished. There are a couple of changes that will be made to the slipper modeled in the pic below. First off, I hate the toe. I wanted this pattern to be really basic with no fiddly stuff, but I think I'm going to have to go for a tiny bit fiddly to get the toe to look right (and pretty.) Right this second, the toe's not pretty at all. I think that shifting the two circs. 180 degrees to where they are parallel to the toes and doing a three needle bind off would fix everything nicely.

Second, over socks this slipper feels fine, but on bare feet it likes to "slip" and move around a little too much. It could just be that i have really narrow feet and that this is cheap acrylic, but I don't want to take any chances. I'm going to add a rib edging to the top of the foot to make it grab the foot a little better. I also hate the back seam, but it's mainly because my mattress stitch sucks and needs practice.

It has been interesting to try and design this slipper. I've never designed anything before and it's harder than it looks. My first prototype looked nothing like I had planned, this one is much closer.

Another cool thing about this pattern? It can be used to make fingerless mittens! So it's a two for one pattern.

As soon as I get the pattern written up and my final slippers finished, I'll be posting it free for anyone who wants it. These are done in garter stitch which is amazingly stretchy and should fit a wide variety of sizes.

Here's how it looks at this minute (just remember that I'm going to be making the above changes to it):
Shea's Slipper Flats

I did not work on these today though. I was feeling guilty for putting down the Circular Shrug and got a few more inches done on it this afternoon.
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