Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Happy Camper

Call me a Happy Camper. Go ahead, do it. I got a "new to me" hand me down toy from my overly generous (a couple of months ago he also gave us a large screen rear projection tv) baby brother:

This replaces the dinosaur monitor that I had that took up the entirety of my desk. This is so cool. Notice the obligatory child's toy. There's not one space in my home that is devoid of one. How do you possibly "declutter" when there are children in the house that are 7 and 2?

Here's the progress on the Circular Shrug:

In the mock rib section, it takes four rows to make one vertical inch (row gauge for the beginning knitters.) I need 20 inches of this. 20 freakin' inches. I've got about 8 now. It's killing me. This project is monotonous and slow, so get ready to be looking at this one on the blog for a while. But it will look super cute when I'm done. I hope. I'd hate to spend this much time on it and have it suck, ya know? The colors are striping up super sweet. I love the colors to death and how the stripes are fairly thin.

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  1. Anonymous4:03 PM

    It was the least I could do, as I am now sporting 2x 19" LCDs. Yeah, I'm a geek too.