Thursday, January 10, 2008

Coolest Tin Evar!

I escaped from the mad house this evening. It was time to get away. Too much time around the testosterone poisoned house (one hubby, two boys) is never a good thing for a chic. I took off for JoAnn's and threatened to stay there til closing time. It was that or pack a bag full of books, yarn and needles and move to Tahiti. Actually, that doesn't sound so bad. hmmmm......

Anyway, while I was there I came across this little tin of green apple mints. I fell in love and had to have it. How cute! And it can hold my stitch markers when the all the tiny little mints are gone!

Coolest. Tin. Evar.
So now that I'm back in the testosterone filled atmosphere I am cozying up to a new drink that I created. Sprite, Triple Sec, Absolute Peach. It tastes like summer. Yum! Have no clue as to proportions. At the time this new drink was concocted all I wanted to do was pour. Measurements are for the birds.


  1. I wish we had a JoAnn's here so I could run up there and get one of those tins. I love it! What a great find!
    Oh yeah, if you get a sec...could you email me one of those drinks? Don't care about the measuring either and any old glass will do...Thanks!

  2. That is a rockin' tin! And the drink sounds yummy!

    We are only 10 degrees north of the Equator, so it is hot here year round. I have a lovely hammock on the porch that is wonderful to nap are welcome any time.

    : )

  3. Missy - don't tempt me, I'll be on your front door step so fast your head would spin!

    Lil Knitter - I'll get right on it. Soon as I can figure out how to get the glass to keep from spilling in the mail.