Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Welcome to my World

Welcome to my world. The world where you spend lots of time decorating your house and tree with lots of glass and shiny bits and sundry other fragile, breakable items. Then, you spend the next month and a half or so yelling at the almost two year old who can't seem to keep away from all the pretty lights and ornaments. This is the child who also cannot control his impulses to unwrap the cool paper and neat bows.

I love Christmas and all the bells and whistles that go along with it. So, I must "gird up my loins" (so to speak) and be prepared to have high blood pressure issues and lots of mixed drinks readily available to control said high blood pressure issues.

The first of the high blood pressure issues however, have had nothing to do with the Youngest and everything to do with light strands. I began getting the tree lights out of their respective boxes. I plugged the first one into the wall. Half of the lights came on. Not an all or nothing situation as per usual, but half. Well, damn. I grabbed the next strand and plugged it in. Again, half. This happened not once, not twice, but three damn times! Why me?

Instead of going along every single light to try and puzzle this out, I'm opting for the "go shopping for more damn lights" approach. I have less patience and less time, mainly due to the help of a certain almost two year old.


I had a wonderful time at Thanksgiving and I've decided that if my waistline is to survive, I really need to avoid my Mom's cooking. I gain several pounds every time I go there.

The kids and I went on a walk while we were there and here's a couple of pics from it:

Chasing big brother

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