Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Police!

MMMMMM Sting.......

Last night I had one of my dreams fulfilled. I got to go see The Police live in concert at the Philips Arena in Atlanta. I could almost feel my nose bleeding, we were so high up and far away. They had three humongous screens set up above them though so you didn't miss a thing. That was really cool. And they were so incredibly loud. Awesome!

Every 56 year old man should have arms like Sting. OMG. He's still amazing. Where most older lead singers have lost most of their vocal high range, he hasn't lost much. And he has an amazing stage presence. I swear, if he passed be by on the street and crooked his little finger, my hubby would be a thing of the past. Oh my. He can be my sugar daddy anytime he wants.

Unlike of course, Andy Summers. The man cracked a smile once in two hours and never moved more than 5 feet away from his assigned spot. He is absolutely the oldest looking and acting of the bunch.

Stewart Copeland may have gray hair on his head, but he's got to be one of the hardest working men in show business. The man never stopped moving. He gets a great workout every night. We lost track of how many drum sticks he threw up in the air during and after each song. I wonder how many sticks he goes through a night? He didn't stick to just his one drum set though. He had a range of percussion instruments that rose out of the floor behind him for him to wail on; a giant gong, tympanies, xylophone, bells, and loud dangly things. He never missed a beat. He's a freaking percussive genius.

Wow what a show. They had a tight play list and played most of their big hits. These old geezers can still rock with the best of them.

Want to see why the concert folks aren't worried about people having camera phones on them at the shows? Let me show you a couple of pics that I took. I absolutely cracked myself up taking these terrible pics:

This one was taken during Roxanne - notice the red lights?
Don't have a clue when this was taken, but it sorta sideways shows the huge screens above them.

Really bad nose bleed shot
Very crooked opening number shot.

So there you have it. They should pay me to take pics with my camera phone at all the big shows, don't ya think? :) My hubby spent the whole time laughing at me and calling me a geek - especially when I told him I would be posting these bad boys here for you guys.

Here's the play list from the show:

1- Message in a Bottle

2- Synchronicity II

3- Walking on the Moon

4- Voices Inside My Head/When the World is Running Down, You Make the Best of What’s Still Around

5- Don’t Stand So Close To Me

6- Driven To Tears

7- Hole In My Life

8- Truth Hits Everybody

9- Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic

10- Wrapped Around Your Finger

11- De Do Do Do De Da Da Da

12- Invisible Sun

13- Walking In Your Footsteps

14- Can’t Stand Losing You


15) Roxanne

16) King of Pain

17) So Lonely

18) Every Breath You Take


19) Next To You

EDIT: I forgot to mention that the opening band, Fiction Plane, had Sting's son as the lead singer. When we got there we thought Sting was singing. Nope, it was his son. Sound's JUST like his dad. Pretty cool.

Also, Sting mentioned that the last time they played Atlanta was in 1978. I was 9 years old folks. Dang that was a long time ago.

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