Monday, November 05, 2007

3 big mistakes

I made a couple of semi-mistakes this weekend by going out to my Mom and Dad's place. The Eldest begged to go and who am I to deny my children their Grandparent's company?

Mistake #1. I'm now two days behind on my novel writing. Don't know if I'll be able to catch up, but we'll see. Let's see, 1667 words a day. Friday I only finished 862. SO, 8o5 for fri, 1667 for sat, 1667 for sun, 1667 for today. 5806 words to catch up on. might not be happenin'.

Mistake #2. My mother and I should never, ever go to Walmart together. We're both enablers of the other. It's always fun to help someone else spend their money right? Well, we spent each other's money and way too much of it too.

Mistake #3. I picked up my knitting and got a whole three rows done. wow. what progress.

Here's the progress of the cardigan so far:
so soft! so green!

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