Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Tasers and Knitting

Well. He did it again. More gray hair for me. Only This time though, he wasn't using a knife.

This afternoon the Eldest came home from school with a sinus migraine (and threw up in the car on too as a bonus and had a bloody nose) and needed Mom's full attention. I thought Dad was paying attention to the Youngest. Dad thought I was watching him. Meanwhile, Youngest was being extra quiet. Always a bad sign.

Anyway, I got the Eldest settled and went back downstairs to find the little twerp standing in my office chair (which spins by the way and is on rollers), leaning on my desk, and this time he was playing around with and trying to chew on one of my knitting needles. Now what if he had fallen with that needle in his mouth?

I'm tellin' ya, this child may be the death of me.

My Mom came up with a suggestion. Wouldn't it be great if we could come up with a child taser? You know, one that wouldn't do permanent damage, but would only feel like it does when you bump your funnybone?

I would like to add to that thought. That idea is fine and all, but maybe while it's doing it's thing with the funnybone feeling, it would dose me with one shot of valium in one arm and one shot of margarita on the rocks with salt in the other arm. We could make millions by marketing this to all the Moms out there with hellions like mine.

Knitting Progress Report:

I have been knitting some. Not a lot, but I am making progress. I put in a lifeline (since I got a little tired of frogging) and finished about 40 rows of the Clementine Shawlette.

Pic taken in Shea's Big Comfy Leather Rocker that she won't share with the hubby.

Sideways Crazy Action Shot - Just to get you excited about the knit.
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