Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Productivity! Knitting and Otherwise

It's amazing how much more productive I am when I'm home by myself (Hubby usually works from home, but not on Wednesdays.) I got so much done today, both knitting and otherwise. I did have the Youngest, but he took a three and a half hour nap, so I'm counting that as being by myself. Hmmm, I could kick them all out on the street, or I could just pack up and move to Tahiti by myself. Either choice sounds delicious, without the three guys there'd be a lot less testosterone poisoning in my life!

The Eldest is going on a camping trip this weekend with the Boy Scouts and his Dad is going along (Um, Mom doesn't do camping, recreational vehicle-ing, or any sort of roughing it - just in case you didn't know.) I got all their supplies and the Eldest's clothing packed. I did about five loads of laundry (yes, welcome to clothes mountain) and did the regular chores too.

And if you think that I'm going to stay home by myself couped up with a 22 month old without anyone to buffer the two of us for two and a half days, you've got another think coming! The two of us are heading for my parents' place at the lake. That way I can hand him off any time he gets on my nerves (wow that would mean, like, two and a half days practically baby free!) I'm sure my parents will be so thrilled. really.

As for knitting productivity:

1. I've started on the second part of the Clementine Shawlette and it's flying now that I've gotten the main lace repeat memorized. I'm still on the increases right now, but I'm not too far away from the repeats.
Meet Shawlette and Mini-me Shawlette

I'm also getting fairly good at frogging lace. The stupid mistakes that I have made have done wonders for my ripping skills and for my confidence.

It takes a load of confidence to pull your needles out of the project and start tugging on the lace. Well, not the tugging part, that part's easy. The hard part is the part where you hold your breath, and before you turn this horrid shade of magenta/purple/blue then pass out, you get the needle back through all the loops and yarn overs without losing any. Then you fall over and exhale/inhale at the same time. Whew!

2. I also finally began the boot socks for my Dad. This one is not an enjoyable project for the following reasons:

  • I hate the feel of the tweed yarn. Way too rough and stiff. Will be super warm in his boots, but yuck! on my hands.
  • I tried the two socks on two circs thing. Didn't work out for me. Way too confusing, too many dangly things at once. So, back to one sock on two circs. much better.
  • And last, working with this yarn really makes my hands ACHE! It doesn't glide well. I'm also using worsted weight yarn on size 2 needles and it's tighter than I am used to. ouch.
Toe pocket!
Anyway, hopefully this project will go much faster than normal since this is bulkier yarn than I normally work with on socks. My reward for all this suffering will be starting on the Minimalist Cardigan with that incredibly soft Colrain yarn. I can't wait. Major incentive to knit really fast!
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