Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Wake me when it's over

I'm tired of the second sock. Second Sock Syndrome has arrived. I just want this sock to be over and done with. I've only got about two inches or so left on the leg and then it'll finally be over. It's not that I don't like these socks or that I'm tired of the color of the yarn or anything. I think I'm just tired in general.

Wake me when it's over please.

I finally finished organizing my consignment sale stuff and got it turned in and now I'm concentrating on my actual committee job of dealing with the phones. When a sale begins, we have a registration and the people who want to sell their kid stuff get a seller number. Once we are out of numbers, well, we're out. However, these people I deal with over the phone, just don't get the concept. I can't give a seller number out if I don't have one can I? I even say that plainly on the voicemail that they listen to. Still, they beg, they plead, they demand, they get mean or they try reasoning to get one of the numbers. I crack up at the reasons they use to try and coerce me into giving them a number. An couple of examples of a voicemail like this would be:

"Hi. I'm XXXX XXXXXXX, and I'm a church member so I should be given a number. Mrs. VVVVVVV said it would be ok."


"Hi, I'm BBBBB BBBBB, and my neighbor's uncle's cousin's children go to the preschool there. So, can I have a number?"

Let me tell ya, Widget was a huge help in the organizing of the clothes I had to sell!

Everything looks fine from under here!
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