Thursday, September 06, 2007

big score!

Today was such a fun day. Today was the day that the committee of the Lil' Lambs Closet consignment sale got to shop for goodies. We get the first pick and usually the best stuff that comes through the doors on both toys and clothing. Of course we work our proverbial behinds off to get that privilege though.

I got a major score. A Moonwalk/Slide Combo! It was $95. Around these parts, you can't even begin to rent one of these for a day for that price. I'll be able to use this for both boys' birthday parties for years. I was thrilled at this buy. Yes, it was a much bigger purchase on one item than I would normally buy, but when you stretch the price by several years, wow. And, my brother can borrow it for his kids too. My kids don't know about it yet. We're taking it to the lake for Eldest's birthday on the 15th to surprise him with it. Well, it'll be a surprise if we can keep it hidden. It's rather huge.

It looks similar to this when blown up:

It's not a castle though. I'll post pics when we've got it up and running. Cool!
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