Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A very stressful couple of days

I find that I must continue with my theme that there are some days that it just doesn't pay to pick up the knitting. I put down my current project, The Clementine Shawlette from IK Spring 2007, after I had to frog approx. 15 rows, for a few days. I was hoping that the break would be a good thing.

Well, I found the opportune time today to knit during the youngest's naptime. No go. I ended up frogging everything that I had done and then a few more rows. This has been exceedingly frustrating. Especially since I know this is an easy knit lace project.

What this has turned into though, is a great lesson on how to frog lace (not fun) and not drop any stitches (not easy) and still be able to find your place in your pattern project (very tricksy.) Notice the yarn barf all over my knitting bag and floor:

The current state of the project:

I have received several great compliments on my Hot Wheels Wreath from a couple of different forums and just wanted to say thank you to those who have been so nice!

Yesterday was a very stressful day.
  1. We had a parent/teacher conference at school to discuss the Eldest's progress.
  2. We then proceeded to the Boy Scout store to get the Eldest's brand spankin' new Cub Scout uniform. During the outing, trying to hold the Youngest was like trying to hold a hybrid Octopus/Wild Monkey. He decided to have a temper tantrum there as well. The people that worked there, instead of looking for little old ladies to help across the street, looked very ready to assist us out of the store due to the little hellion that I spawned.
  3. Had to rush to grocery store for bare basics.
  4. Had to more than rush to get dinner on the table.
  5. Had a fight with the hubby (which led to getting zero knitting done since I don't knit well when angry).
  6. Had to rush Eldest into his uniform and off to scouts.
  7. I then, threw youngest in his bed, and proceeded to have a nice alcoholic beverage and felt very much better.
Here's the very proud product of the stressful day:
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