Monday, July 23, 2007


Hi there!

I have absolutely no knitting to show you. Things are moving quite slow in that department. I did cast on for the corset again. This time using the i-cord cast on that Annie suggested using the first time she published the pattern. Why it disappeared from the pattern, I have no idea. The only reason I learned about it was from reading other blogs and forums and reading up on how others progressed with the pattern. It is definitely more stretchy than what I previously used and I really like it much better.

I do however, have a recipe for you today. This is a comfort food dish for me. My mom used to make this quite a bit as we were growing up. Since my husband is allergic to fish, I have to use the chicken substitute, but it's really much better with the salmon. So without further ado, here's her recipe with a few comments here and there from yours truly:

Salmon (or Chicken) Croquettes

vegetable oil
1 large can of salmon, undrained (you can also substitute a can of chicken)
1 large egg
salt and pepper to taste
1/2 cup cornmeal mix (MIX, not straight cornmeal)
buttermilk - very small amount (see below)

In a skillet or frying pan, add vegetable oil until bottom is covered. Heat on Medium heat until it is hot enough for frying.

Mix all ingredients except the buttermilk. At this point the mixture should be pretty thick. If it's not, add a bit more of the cornmeal mix. Now that you've gotten it good and thick, thin it down again with the buttermilk until it is just thin enough to dip with a spoon. (If you add too much buttermilk, you can always thicken it up again with the cornmeal mix). Adding the buttermilk not only thins it, it also helps the croquettes brown better.
about this thick

As the spoonful of mixture is dropped into the oil, they should spread slightly.

Fry these until both sides are golden brown. Place them on folded paper towels to soak up any extra oil from the frying.

Please ignore the one on the right. This became a little more crispy than is should've when the cook had to go rescue a 16 lb. cat, the tv remote controls and an elder brother from the octopus arms of the 18 month old.

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