Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Note to self...

****Note to self: Next time you wash a sink with commercial cleaners - do it with gloves! ****
I have a really bad infected hangnail and it soooooo smarts now. Nobody said I are smart.

On a much lighter note, the toothfairy came to visit my eldest for the first time! I told him that if he kept his tongue out of the new hole that he would grow a new gold tooth. Of course, like any other child that has ever heard that old wives' tale, that little tongue darted right in there lickety-split! The next morning, eldest woke me up (before my clock went off, which really doesn't make nightowl mommy happy in the mornings) to tell me that the toothfairy brought him a wicked new one dollar gold coin!

Man, I wish I was that young again. Well, maybe just sometimes, make that rarely, well, nevermind. I'm glad I'm not that young anymore. I would never want to go through the many, many years of ugly duckling stage that I went through. First grade through the beginning of college is a long, miserable, self-esteem undermining time to go through.

Look Mom! No tooth! Now I look like I belong here in the south! :)

OOOH! Look! It's getting bigger! Why am I so slow at knitting?

Check out the view from my kitchen's bay window. This is one gargantuan azalea. It's also very stinky, still haven't figured out why it produces such lovely flowers and such an appalling stench. It sits in our backyard right next to a pretty peach tree which smells so much better.

No paparazzi please! I'm too busy feeling superior from the rarefied heights of refrigerator mountain.
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