Tuesday, March 20, 2007

couple of FO's and a score!

Several things to mention today. I have a couple of FO's and a score!

First, the score:

I found a mink stole/capelet at an estate sale this weekend and got it for $14 bucks. It needs a little tlc, so I'll have to get it to someone who specializes in fur garments. Now, I wouldn't go out and buy a brand new fur and don't necessarily condone the killing of animals for the pelts, but I figure that it's already dead and sewn and for $14 bucks, I'm not passing it up.

Now, the FO's:

This knitted summer tank is now in the blocking stage. Yeah me! It's a bit tighter than I wanted it to be. We'll hope that it stretches since it's cotton. Big thanks to everyone at Crafster for holding my hand through this one. I've already got a new project planned, but I'll have to keep it under wraps for a while since it's to be a gift. Just pray it gets done in time.

Finished a sundress! This pic absolutely doesn't do it justice. I did discover during this process that I am a terrible seamstress. Patterns are not my friend. My mom got several long distance calls during this ordeal. Not that I won't sew again, but it was a frustrating process. I hate being shaped like a pear!

We could use a little prayer here for our family. My husband is having a difficult time with work (mortgage broker) and there's not a whole lot of money coming in and we have some big bills. We're about as stress as we can be at the moment and my husband is hurting in the self-confidence department. Any prayer is much appreciated!
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