Saturday, January 20, 2007

Simple easy nursery

I was discussing decorating nurseries with a friend recently and we were talking about how difficult it is to find accessories for themes that are not as "popular." For my second son's nursery, I wanted to go with a cowboy theme. Do you know how difficult it is to find cowboy stuff for a child's nursery?

This is how I solved my problems. Please remember that you can use these ideas for other themes besides cowboys.

First, the no-sew window treatments. I was incredibly short on a budget. So I went with bandanas. At places like HobbyLobby or Michaels or Joann's you can find a large selection of bandanas. Not just country themed ones either, you can find them with flames, patriotic flags, pink ones with dolls, the sky's the limit. Once you have the bandanas, just fold them over a simple, cheap curtain rod where the point hangs down. I had several to use and just overlapped them a little so that it brought more color and interest to my makeshift valance. I pinned the front and back of the points together towards the tip to keep them from waving around so much when the ceiling fan was on. Here's the result:

Next was artwork for above the crib: Draw/Paint/Sketch it yourself, or better yet, have another child do it. Whether you have another child already to draw it for you or cousins, nieces, nephews or even just a child down the street, your new baby will adore artwork created by these little artists. Have them do their artwork on and 8 x 10 piece of paper, mount it on construction paper (remember this is for those of us with no budget) or poster board and frame it. I put mine in the acrylic box type of frame and placed them right above the crib. You might want to move them up a bit higher than I've done mine since now my little guy keeps trying to play with them.

Next, you have the little accessories that make the room. Notice the comforter that is hanging over the crib rail? It's a simple quilt with different blue and white squares that leant itself very well to the cowboy them. Keeping your basics simple like this is both inexpensive and will put more emphasis on the accessories that you choose for your room. My oldest son already had a stick horse, so I hung this on the wall as well (with an accompanying cowboy hat of course).

I raided my older son's room once again for cowboy boots and hats to spread around the room. I already had a cactus (which will have to be removed soon I'm sure, though he hasn't noticed it yet) so that went into the room as well. At a flea market I found a horse shoe coat rack/hanger for a couple of dollars and on ebay for a mere $11 bucks I got a cute 1950s lamp. And the rocking horse that you see was found on sale for $20 marked down from $100.
Anyone can do something like this. Flea markets, thrift stores, antique stores or even an older child's bedroom can be searched for the perfect accouterments to your new baby's nursery. And the furniture doesn't have to be all baby stuff either. Notice the above furniture? That was my grandparents. It works great with the old west theme too although the above pic doesn't do it justice.

If you keep it simple, this will be a breeze. Pick your theme, a few simple colors, a few pieces of artwork and a simple but cute set of bedding and you will be good to go, I promise!
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