Monday, January 03, 2011

Loose Yarn

I started a new project the other night.  One that I really like, but I'm afraid that the yarn that I chose has decided that it's just too good for the project.  Snobby yarn.  It's too loose and fancy free for a multi-cabled project I'm afraid.  The stitch definition just isn't there.  I also got gauge, but it feels way too loose and limber.

This is what it looks like currently:

The cables just aren't defined enough and the fabric feels loosey-goosey (that's a technical term.)  I got through 32 rows of the front right side and decided that it just wasn't doing it for me.  I adore the pattern (Ravelry link), but not with this yarn.

Not wanting to give up on the snobby yarn, I went looking through the Ravelry database in search of just the right pattern for it.  Ya know what?   I didn't find one single thing that thrilled me.  So many bloomin' patterns there and not one raised it's hand and spoke up for the yarn.  So sad.

As soon as I hit the publish post button here, I'm heading back to Ravelry to go through the patterns some more.  Maybe I wasn't in just the right mood last night or was looking at overly complicated projects.  This yarn wants simplicity I'm thinking.  We'll see.

Two others in the house weren't bothered a bit by my frustration last night (the traitors):

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