Tuesday, December 21, 2010

This Close

I am THIS close to being finished with my big Christmas knitting project.   Unfortunately, this is one of those projects that starts out with just a few stitches on the needle and grows exponentially until there's billions on the needles.  Okay, maybe that's a small exaggeration, but it feels like billions. 

I've only been able to work on it in small fits and starts.  I spent the majority of the day today laying down because I still feel awful.  The doctors still have no idea what's wrong with me and that totally sucks.  I just want to feel well again.  I have an echo cardiogram scheduled tomorrow and we'll see what that shows us.

But, I have about two and a half rows to go of the big project and then I can block it.  It has to be ready and wrapped by Christmas Eve.  Hopefully it will get done by then.  I hate that I haven't been able to share it with you, but the recipient reads this blog and I don't want to ruin the surprise.  This is the only the second project that I've been able to complete for Christmas this year.  Not the best record for Christmas knitting that I've ever had. 

How about you guys?  Did you knit a lot of your Christmas gifts for your friends and family?
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