Monday, November 29, 2010

ThanksGiving Week

Our Thanksgiving was truly the week for us to give thanks this year.

First, we had almost 60 people show up for Thanksgiving.  My Mom ran herself ragged and loved every second of it.  I wasn't a whole lot of help since The Youngest infected me with a nasty little virus.  But fun was had by all despite the sickness and the food that I did eat was delicious.

Second, I finished my stairs finally!


For the observant, no the rail is not yet finished, but the stairs finally are and we are no longer having to skip every other step to go up or down.  Yay!

Third and definitely the most important reason for our family to give thanks: 

We received a call on Friday morning that my cousin Caleb (age 20), after leaving the family gathering, had fallen out of a barn loft on Thursday evening and had broken his back.  He was rushed to UAB (University of Alabama-Birmingham) hospital and he underwent about five hours of surgery.  They ended up fusing 5 vertebra together.   The surgeons said that he is incredibly lucky to not be paralyzed.  They said that they had seen less traumatic injuries that had left the victims paralyzed for life. 

Would you believe He was up and walking around the hospital just a day after surgery?!  He's leaving the hospital to head home tomorrow.

Our family will be giving Thanks for quite a while for this miracle!
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