Monday, September 20, 2010

More Sickness and A Good Knitting Mistake

Yet more sickness has struck at our house.  Now the Eldest has come down with a cold and has coughed himself silly all day long.  I loaded him up with cough syrup and cough drops and sent him off to school.  It's a catch-22 situation.  If he doesn't have a fever, you send him to school.  So then, he's coughing in class, infecting the other kids and disrupting the class.  Yet if he's kept home, the school police will fuss at you for him not attending.

Evidently at one point the coughing was so bad (he had run out of cough drops) that she sent him to beg for more cough drops at the office.  Which of course sent the ladies in the office scrambling for their purses to find the poor kid something to control the coughing.  Not once did I get a call by the way for more of the drops.  I'm sending a whole bag tomorrow.  Poor kid.

In knitting news, I have been knitting and got a lot done on my secret project sweater, about six inches worth during the Auburn/Clemson game (my team won).  I hate that I can't show the progress on this and how cool it's turning out, but if I want to publish it somewhere, it can't be shown.   At one point, I caught myself making a mistake in my cable chart.  It was a big uh oh moment, but then I decided that I liked it the way the cable had turned out even better and I've now changed the directions to match.  Don't you just love (in an oxymoronic kind of way) the good mistakes that knitting brings you?  For myself, I'm just thrilled to not be ripping the darn thing out again.
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