Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Lego Birthday Cake Incident

"Creativity is the ability to hide horrible wrongs artistically."  - Shea

I stand by my statement.  This has served me well through many projects that had serious flaws and my son's 10th Birthday cake is no exception.  This was supposed to be a ridiculously simple cake.  Now why is it that I get the words "simple" and "difficult" backwards so often?  Difficult cakes?  No problem.  Simple cakes?  I totally screw them up.

Take the Lego cake for example.  Simple concept, should have been easy.  I took a 9 x 13" cake and chopped off one side.  I took a small cup and made "biscuits"  in the chopped off side and then cut them in two so that I would have two circles from each.  I then frosted the cake, placed the circles on top, then frosted those.  See, sounds simple doesn't it?

Well.  The cake was crumbly and mixed with the frosting.  I couldn't get the frosting to go around the circles right.  Some of the circles are lopsided.  D@mn.   To be honest, the cake looked like a torso with eight breasts.  Unless you're a hormone raging teen boy, it's very unappealing.  Oh, and the Youngest made a hole in the side with his fingers when I wasn't looking and that didn't help matters either.   This is officially the worst birthday cake that I've made so far.

So what's a gal to do when something like this happens?  Disguise the mess!

I raided the boys' Lego bucket for embellishments.  I found quarter round red pieces, long red pieces, round red wheel bases, eight different colorful minifigs and three antennae thingies.  Wanna see how it turned out?

Lego Birthday Cake 3

The 10 candles hide the hole made by little fingers pretty well, don't they?

Lego Birthday Cake 1

Notice the strategic uses of the quarter round pieces  and center wheels bases to define the circles a bit more.

Lego Birthday Cake 2

The long red pieces disguise some uneven edges and the baywatch babe coordinates well with the frosting.

The Mime and the Skull Guy near each other just crack me up.  You'll also see some yellow things sticking up in the center of the cake.  That was more to aggravate The Eldest than anything else.  It drives him nuts that those are some of my favorites pieces to build with.  I put those yellow antennae thingies in almost all my creations.  So of course, it had to be in the cake too! 

I'm here to tell you that there's nothing like making a project really busy in order to hide all your sins!
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