Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm Dyeing Again

At Christmas my parents gave me a set of four leather parsons chairs.  I went out shortly thereafter and purchased some chair covers for them from Bed Bath and Beyond.  They only had a couple of colors and most of those (to me) were hideous, except for the white ones that came home with me.  I bought them on sale for $1.99 a piece, which was an excellent bargain.

Such a good bargain, in fact, that I decided that I could dye them and if the color turned out to be horrid, I wouldn't feel guilty about tossing them.  With that thought, I promptly put them away and forgot about them until this past weekend.

When the Eldest had his birthday party in September, we used some RIT dye to make some camouflage shirts.  I had one container of Tan dye leftover and that's the color that I threw in the wash with my chair covers.  The covers are cotton, so I knew they wouldn't take the dye as readily as some other fibers would.  I ran the water in the washing machine then added the dye and covers and let them sit for a few hours.  Then finished the wash cycle and then re-washed with detergent after that. 

So how did they turn out?  Lovely!  I got the most beautiful champagne color and it was exactly what I wanted.

It's difficult to see any color in the above pic at all, so I added a white piece of paper:

Look closely at the bottom right of the pic and you'll see how pretty the gold/champagne color really is.  I'm very pleased with these!  Now to get a good table cloth that will compliment them...

By the way, My neighbors must think I'm an absolute nut.  I drag the weirdest things to take pictures of out onto my back porch all the time.  One chair, with cover, one piece of paper with a knitting pattern on it.  yep, weird.
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