Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Blob or Fish?

We went to the GA Aquarium (also known as the world's largest fish tank), but this time it was to attend Aquatech.  The Eldest's school, in conjunction with Lockheed Martin and a local college, had a show to exhibit some of the work that the students in the magnet program had done.  The Eldest had one computer project and one art project on display.  It was really cool (both projects and the show as a whole.)

It was held in the ball room.  One wall of the room was a giant window that looked into the Beluga whale tank and on another wall was a giant window that looked into the tank that held the whale sharks.  What a cool place to have this exhibition at.

The Youngest enjoyed it immensely:

Check out the bubble window that he was in.  It looks like he's in there with the sharks.

There was also a giant orange blob that I suppose was supposed to be a fish.  You decide.  Blob or Fish?