Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I need more knitting time!

Have you ever noticed that there's just not enough knitting time?  I found a slew of patterns that I want to make asap and there's no way I can get to them quick enough.

Check these out:

Flower Sweater - Ravelry link; Japanese link   I love this one and the color too.
Flamingo - Ravelry download  This will be one of the ones that I make first.
Sleeveless Vest - Ravelry link; Japanese link   This would be perfect for summer.
Frill Pullover - Ravelry link; Japanese link  So delicate looking.
Rainy Nora Gaughan - Ravelry link   Very funky
Verbena Knitting - I found so many that I went ahead and subscribed to the magazine.  Just check out Rapunzel for an example: Ravelry link

I can't remember when I've seen so many patterns that I want to knit show up at once. 

Need.  More.  Knitting.  Time.  !!!