Monday, March 16, 2009

Dino knitting photograpy

To amuse the Youngest, we had a dinosaur photoshoot today to showcase the owls progress.

But I seem to have cut one of them's head off: (I think I was channeling my Mother-In-Law, she cuts everybodys heads off in pics.)
But at least you can see the waist decreases and increases at the back of the sweater fairly well. I like this method of inc/dec at the back. Lately, everything that I've made has had the shaping at the sides. This method gives my tummy a little more room. It's not the size it once was, bless it's heart, but maybe a little weight watchers will help. To the left, under the headless dino is the first sleeve.

I've been working very slowly with this sweater. Last week was packed with school conferences with teachers (one good - The Eldest, one not as good - The Youngest - but what else is new?), there was a basketball award ceremony to attend, boy scouts meeting, a rehearsal for upcoming musical at church and children's consignment sales to both shop, sell and work at, not to mention cooking dinner occasionally and watching my house go to pot in general. So if you were wondering where I disappeared to, there ya go. A bit busy.

Hopefully, and I'm saying this with fingers crossed, this week will be a tiny bit less busy.