Monday, January 12, 2009

Mission Organization: Episode Two

First, a small disclaimer: In the last episode, I might have made a Freudian oops. I might have said "when my husband was living here" in reference to the bedroom. The correct thing to have said would have been, "when my husband was working here in the bedroom/office ." Like I said, oops. I thought the slip was quite funny. Hubby wasn't quite as amused though...

Anyway, the new play room is finished!

It's a really huge room, taking up a third of the upstairs floor of our house. There is one piece of grown up furniture, but it works since they like to dress up and look at themselves in the mirror.

I broke the room up into areas:

Game area for the Eldest:

On the opposite side of the room, is a reading area with green netting over it that they can close in like tent and opposite that is the train table:

Ikea was a great help with organization in this room. Notice the new stair step storage above and here on the wall is more storage for the few stuffed animals we have. Also, below that are the obligatory race tracks for Hot Wheels cars:

And don't forget the Little People area:

What I haven't shown you:

The closet: filled with games and legos and prize possessions of the Eldest. This will have a lock on it to keep the Youngest out of it.

The bedroom: is a work in progress, but is going great so far. Both of their beds and chests of drawers fit perfectly. I still need to decorate the Eldest's side to his liking, but so far, everyone is happy with the changes.

The garage: Also a work in progress. As I get more stuff moved to the playroom, I get closer to getting my car back in it. Yeah!