Friday, December 12, 2008

Partial Hat and Supervising Cat

Evidently this is not the week for daily blogging, but every other day blogging. Sorry 'bout that. The two year old has caused all sorts of crisis this week, up to and including slugging his teacher at school! Not good. He got into a world of trouble, I went into embarrassment and depression and well, there you go.

But! All better now. I hope.

When a friend of mine requested a hat, I'm pretty sure he had no idea he would actually be getting it. I cast on two days ago and here's the results so far:

Oooo, String!

Have you ever noticed that when you try to take a picture of any woolly object, the cat comes out of the woodwork to help? Not the dogs, the cats. Why? What causes this? It's not like they're interested in helping, just supervising.

I tried to get her to smile in this one, but she wasn't having any of that "nonsense".

What can I say? She (along with the hubby) is a scrooge. Did I tell you that I got a whole lecture about how I shouldn't spend money on presents? That I spent too much on the kids and that he didn't want any presents himself 'cause we don't have any money? He does this every year. We've been married twelve years and I have gotten similar speeches every single year. Now wouldn't he be disappointed if Santa didn't bring him anything to unwrap this year!

Like I said, What a Scrooge.