Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Platter Tutorial - Don't look Mom!

If you have small children and are in need of a "Brownie Point" gift to give the grandparents, here's an easy fun one for you:

1. Get a blank platter or tray - a fairly large rectangle shape.
2. Coat their hands in green paint, then place them on the surface with the base of their hands facing each other and the tips of the fingers spread out.
3. Start at the bottom with the older children's hands. then have the smallest hand print on the top. Good luck with the smaller children, it took a small army to help me get the Youngest's handprints on the plate.
4. Next, fill in the top of the tree with green to fill out your Christmas tree shape. Simple squiggles will do. There's no need for perfection, Go for the Folk Art look.
5. Add garland, ornaments and star. Feel free to change the colors!
6. Then write Merry Christmas across the top and add your year.
7. I added a coat of clear sealant to protect it after it was dry.

Simple and Guaranteed to impress the Grandparents!

See, my brother and I have an unspoken contest every year. the one that can get Mom all choked up and crying (she's very sentimental) over their gift, wins. Guess who's going to win this year? She does love her grandboys! :)