Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Today was a little better. Thanks to all those who listened/commented both on and offline on the whole drama camp issue. I worked a few things out with one lady. Unfortunately, during auditions today the author of the play showed up and proceeded to tell me who I should choose. She seriously needs to take a step back and let her baby go. It's up to me to interpret it now.

It's a lot like a knitting pattern. Once it's written, it's time to let the general public make it as they will and even change it. You can shorten or lengthen sleeves, add pockets, get rid of pockets, add stripes, etc.

Once a poet writes the poem and releases it, every reader reads it in context with their own lives and their own interpretations.

Now why doesn't she get that? I swear, if she stands over me the entirety of next week I will have a screaming hissy queen fit, I really will. A loud one. :)

More good news today, I got something for my reference library:

I was so upset and out of sorts yesterday that I didn't dare pick up anything yarny or fibery. Tension would have been right out the window. Hopefully I'll improve on that tonight. I have got to make my secret knitting project a priority. June 22nd is the deadline.

And, oh God, what about Father's Day? When will I ever be able to make the time to go shopping this week or next? AHHHHHH!
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