Thursday, August 23, 2007

After going off on some major tangents, we now return you to your regularly scheduled knitting blog:

"The house has gone to pot, but my knitting is proceeding fabulously"

Today, it's Progress Report Time!

First, Evening knitting: After numerous debacles with the Annie Modesitt Silk Corset Top, I think I've finally figured it out. I'm so glad I frogged the first one. I found a major error that I made the first few (or 4 or 5) times. I'm not talking about the kind of error where you realize that, oops, you have an extra stitch on your needles and you just k2tog to fudge it. Nope, this was one of those big 'ol mama, never going to be able to recover from, errors.

I am finally reading this pattern the way it was meant to be read. Please don't ask me why I didn't get it the first couple (or bazillion) times around. What's that funny colored line going through the project, you ask? This time I got smart and put in a lifeline. Can ya see it? I figured that if I have to frog back, it's only going to be a portion this time and not the whole friggin' thing!

Coming along nicely now, thanks for askin'

I'm amazed at all the things that I am continually learning with my knitting. Not just new techniques, but really learning to read the stitches. As a self-taught person, I don't exactly do each technique the way others would, but the results are the same as long as I pay attention.

One thing that I've noticed is that when I'm working in the round, whether it be socks or sweaters, is that I knit through the front loop and everything is fine. However, when I work flat, evidently I do something a little wonky with my purling and end up having to knit through the back loop to keep my stitches from being twisted. I figure as long as I pay attention, I'll be just fine. I just have to be careful with those patterns that say to knit through the back loop and do the opposite. Does anyone else have these kinds of issues?

Second Item, Car Pool Line knitting: . Almost ready to start the heel.

Imponderable of the Day: Why, with all the toys that are overflowing out of every pore of this freakin' house, must a baby play with (and in) a box? Do houses really have pores?

Cuteness in a Pampers box!