Thursday, May 10, 2007

Super heroes and Silly Socks

I know why God put me on this planet. It was so that I could torture and annoy my children. Now, I'm not talking real "torture" here folks, don't go thinkin' anything crazy like that. I love my kids, I really do and I really enjoy picking on them. I can't help myself. I blame my Dad.

Take tonight for instance. It was my prayer night (we alternate who listens to my eldest's prayers every night). I seem to have this genius that tells me to get my kids all wired out and all right before bedtime. pure genius. After the prayers and tickle fest, I started in on his super heroes. Now this kid is obsessed with super heroes. Wants to be one of course, The super race car driver hero with super powers, the kind that avoids possum roadkill at the speed of light or some such. Anyway, at this age, it takes nothing to get them arguing, so I started in calling him Blunder Woman. There were many "I'm NOT Blunder Woman!"s. I progressed to talking about FatMan and StuporMan and of course there was more tickling til he couldn't breathe. I then got my kiss goodnight and walked out and left him to try and calm back down for sleep. Ahhhh. I'm feeling better now.

We had a pretty busy weekend. On Sunday eldest had his final soccer game and trophy night. Could someone PLEASE explain to me why boys feel the need to grab themselves during an entire game of soccer? Especially when they're goalie, standing by themselves where everyone can see them really well? Is it testosterone poisoning? I had to send his father over there to tell him to quit grabbing himself. Got a couple of blackmail pictures out of it though for his later dating years. :)

As far as knitting goes, yes, I have been doing it. I am still working on the second sock, but should be finished with it soon. Then I can go back to the stole that I need to get finished by late June. Curses on the distractions of silly socks! They were a good break from staring at patterns though.
Silly boy with Silly Sock
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